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Our products are uniquely handscuplted. Sculpted Murals are an attractive addition to any space in residential or commercial area.

About Sculpted Murals

Sculpted murals are known as three-dimensional murals that can be defined by adding depth and texture to two-dimensional pictorial art. The 3d features can be added by materials like plaster, cement, wood, adhesive etc.

Sculpted murals are classified into low relief and high relief…. how high the artwork project which belongs to the wall or wooden panel.

Artist and Sculptor, Hetal can sculpt murals directly onto walls, portals, ceilings, floors and other flat or curved surfaces. They are ideally suited to architectural projects which can provide both decorative and narrative functions. Sculpted murals are attached to its background surface, problems of weight and physical balance do not arise and still you will get same effect of the sculpture.

Sculpted Murals are attractive addition to any space in residential or commercial. For larger areas such as in restaurant, community hall, church, stairway of building, hallway, bars, large walls of living room, dining room…. etc. are sculpted directly on the wall.

For smaller areas like around doors or windows, over arches, niches/alcoves, back splashes, framed pictures, shadow boxes. These artworks are sculpted on wooden panels. They are getting very popular on small panels which are easily movable anywhere.

Our Work

Use of proper lighting and shadows gives a powerful impact. Proper lighting plays a very important role for most dramatic result of sculpted murals. Lighting will enhance focus on the texture and relief.

Appealing three-dimensional textured relief murals can be custom created to tell a story of your imagination....giving life to any space.

Hetal has visionaries and skills that help her listen to their client’s needs, to shape and create beautiful homes. She has been doing this for over fifteen years resulting in numerous successful projects.

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